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Zakatul Fitr or "Mouroum Koor" | A Message To Senegalese People Abroad [English]

Posté par: Le Musulman| Jeudi 01 août, 2013 00:40  | Consulté 18814 fois  |  0 Réactions  |   

Salaam Alaykoum, Senegalese brothers and Sisters in the US and in other countries abroad. Consider giving your obligatory "Zakaatul Fitr" or "Mouroom Koor" to the needy in Senegal (West Africa)...instead of giving it to people abroad who will end up sending it to their own countries or keeping it in town. We need it more back home. We are poorer than them and the need is greater there.

In anyway, you have to give it out. It is a charity obligatory to all muslims at the end of Ramadaan. The purpose of this charity (Zakatul Fitr or Mouroum Koor) is to purify those who have given it out of their sins and other things that may affect their Ramadaan being accepted by Allaah. So the muslims give this final charity and feed the poors on the day of Eid (Korite) by giving them a meal for "Korite"; and if they do it sincerely; Allaah (SWT) purify their fasting of the month of all that affect it by it.

Everyone has to take it out for him or herself and his/her kids. It is €5 or $7 per person. For exemple, a married man with 2 kids will donate for 4 persons (Him, his wife, and his two kids...4 * $7 = $28); And a single will donate $7 only for him or herself. You can donate it today by connecting to the site and by choosing "Zakat Al Fitr". And make your donation with your debit card. No Credit Card nakk lol...You don't give a charity with Riba Money. Sakku Yiw will accept donations until the 6th of August. If you don't have a card, you can send it to Senegal. Call the following number to send it there: (+221) 77 545 7793

If you need more information, do not hesitate to email or send me a facebook message to "Moussa Le Musulman"...Will respond to all email messages within 24 hours in chaa Allaah.

Below is a video that explains more about "Zakatul Fitr or Mooroom Koor":


May Allaah (SWT) accept our fast in this Blessed Month of Ramadaan. Amiine.

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